Group of multiethnic hands holding symbolizing teamwork.

The members of the Parents Leadership Giving Council, listed below, are philanthropic leaders for the Parents Fund. They have made a gift of $1,000 or more in support of Georgia Tech Students through the Parents Fund and their example of giving provides Georgia Tech the ability to support students throughout the year.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Batelaan *

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Beardsley

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bernet

Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Campbell *

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chacko

Mr. and Mrs. Chou Hsin Chen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Feldmann

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forsyth

Mr. and Ms. John Franco *

Mr. Yakun Gao and Mrs. Xuegong Wu

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gies *

Mr. Sachin Goel and Mrs. Mini Gupta

Mr. and Ms. Alfred Guo

Mr. and Ms. Joseph A. Hammer *

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Harris *

Mr. Jorge Hay and Mrs. Marcia A. Mack

Mr. and Mrs. Quill O. Healey, II

Mr. and Ms. Keith Henderson

Mr. and Ms. Gregory Hobby *

Mr. Haiming Jin and Mrs. Jie Tang

Mr. William Kazman and Ms. Ann Westerheim

Mr. and Ms. Austin Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Kim

Mr. Erik G. LaValle and Mr. Tom Klein *

Mr. and Ms. Umesh Mahajan

Mr. and Ms. Brian Malone *

Mr. and Ms. Matthew McClish

Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Medley *

Mr. Matthew Mellott and Mrs. Kimberly Mellot

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Montero

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Mori *

Mr. and Ms. R. Geoffrey Neville, Jr. *

Mr. Bernardo Sucre and Ms. Andreina Pardo *

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Kowblansky

Mr. and Dr. Richard A. Lawson *

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lecca

Mr. and Ms. Michael Lopes *

Charley Lu, Ph.D., and Mrs. Brenda Zhang

Mr. and Ms. Douglas MacGinnitie *

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peacock

Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Pierre *

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Pound

Mr. Jerry Zhou and Ms. Jing Shi

Mr. and Ms. Baird Snyder *

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Southard

Mr. Thomas Thomas and Ms. Cheryl Stanski

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Taylor

Mr. and Ms. James Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thompson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Turbush

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Turmail

Mr. and Mrs. Franco Turrinelli

Mr. Christoph Vancompernolle and Ms. Tania Van Bever *

Mr. and Ms. Bryan Warrick *

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Wellington

Mr. and Mrs. Brett M. Williams *

Dr. and Ms. Michael P. Zamora *

Mr. Charley Lu, Ph.D., and Mrs. Brenda Zhang

* Current Parents Board members.