Group of multiethnic hands holding symbolizing teamwork.

The members of the Parents Leadership Giving Council, listed below, are philanthropic leaders for the Parents Fund. They have made a gift of $1,000 or more in support of Georgia Tech Students through the Parents Fund and their example of giving provides Georgia Tech the ability to support students throughout the year.

Mr. Jim V. Anderson and Ms. Sharon R. Just

Mr. Aubrey Armentrout and Mrs. Elizabeth Armentrout

Mr. Matthew R. Bartelt and Mrs. Tara C. Bartelt

Mr. Richard J. Batelaan and Mrs. Patricia W. Batelaan

Dr. Robert A. Beardsley and Mrs. Kara Beardsley

Mr. Praveen Bhagawatula and Mrs. Madhavi Bhagawatula

Mr. William Blass and Mrs. Pamela Blass

Mr. Joseph F. Boveri and Mrs. Chanel Boveri

Mr. Bruce Bridges and Mrs. Cynthia Gaertner-Bridges

Mr. Robert Burkholder and Mrs. Suzanne Burkholder

Mr. Roger G. Campbell and Mrs. Michele Campbell

Mr. Thomas Chacko and Mrs. Marina Chacko

Mr. Jaydip Datta and Dr. Sarita Kansal

Mr. Harry Demakis and Mrs. Christine Demakis

Mr. David R. Dworkin and Mrs. Lisa K. Dworkin

Mr. Derek Eiler and Mrs. Sarah Eiler

Mr. Gerald Elam and Mrs. Ivy Elam

Mr. Brent Farnham and Ms. Margaret H. Farnham

Mr. Thomas Feldmann and Mrs. Deborah Feldmann

Mr. Wenlai Feng and Mrs. Minxia Lu

Mrs. Michelle Forsyth and Mr. Eric Forsyth

Mr. Sachin Goel and Mrs. Mini Gupta

Mr. Wesley Granade and Mrs. Sandy Granade

Mr. Paul H. Grier and Mrs. Susan G. Grier

Mr. Thomas G. Hamby and Mrs. Amber E. Hamby

Mr. Craig Harris and Mrs. Catherine Harris

Mr. Michael Harrison and Mrs. Kathleen Harrison

Mr. Curley Henry and Mrs. Ellen Henry

Mr. Gregory Hobby and Ms. Julie Hobby

Mr. Erik Holbrook and Mrs. Cynthia Holbrook

Mr. John S. Hull and Mrs. Stephanie R. Hull

Mr. Philip B. Jeffrey and Mrs. Juli Jeffrey

Mr. Yanfeng Jiang and Mrs. Xiaogan Li

Mr. Robert Jones and Mrs. Laura Jones

Mr. John Jordan and Mrs. Danyele Jordan

Mr. James H. Kaminer and Mrs. Barry Kaminer

Mr. Bradley Kaplan and Mrs. Ellen Kaplan

Mr. William Kazman and Ms. Ann Westerheim

Mr. Christopher Kern and Mrs. Rebekah Kern

Mr. James M. Kilgore and Mrs. Stacie Kilgore

Mrs. Clara Kim and Mr. Paul K. Kim

Mr. Michael Korsnick and Mrs. Mary Korsnick

Mr. Alexandr Kushnir and Mrs. Karine Kushnir

Mr. Dietmar Laenger and Dr. Susan Laenger

Mr. Erik G. LaValle and Mr. Tom Klein

Mr. Richard A. Lawson and Dr. Dale M. Lawson

Mr. Alexander Lecca and Mrs. Melanie Lecca

Mr. Jang Hyuk Lim and Mrs. Ji Yeun Won

Dr. Kimberly Lomis and Dr. Mike Lomis

Mr. Douglas MacGinnitie and Ms. Michelle T. MacGinnitie

Mrs. Marcia A. Mack and Mr. Jorge Hay

Mr. Umesh Mahajan and Ms. Shalini Mahajan

Mrs. Karen C. Marino and Mr. Joseph A. Marino

Ms. Jennifer McClish and Mr. Matthew McClish

Mr. Brian C. Medley and Mrs. Angela E. Medley

Mr. Chris Melcher and Mrs. Melanie Melcher

Mr. Randall Miller and Mrs. Angie Miller

Mr. Hyo Sung Min and Mrs. Hyunhee Lee

Mr. Jitendra Mohan and Mrs. Swapna Samant

Mr. Scott Monnig and Mrs. Harriet Monnig

Mr. Steve Moore and Ms. Megan Moore

Mr. George N. Mori and Mrs. Kathleen Mori

Mr. Alexander Moskovitz and Mrs. Lillian Moskovitz

Mr. Sanjay Narain and Mrs. Geeta Sanjay

Mr. Bogdan Nedelescu and Mrs. Sandra Nedelescu

Mr. R. Geoffrey Neville and Ms. Michelle Neville

Mr. Thomas Pietkiewicz and Mrs. Cindy L. Pietkiewicz

Mr. Theodore E. Pound and Mrs. Susan Pound

Mr. Todd Purkiss and Mrs. Amy Purkiss

Mrs. Heather Sanders and Mr. Scott Sanders

Mr. Robert Schleusner and Ms. Anne Schleusner

Mr. Somasundaram Shanmugam and Mrs. Meera Somasundaram

Mr. Kevin Shepherd and Mrs. Nandita Guha

Mr. Nandan Sheth and Mrs. Mita Sheth

Ms. Jing Shi and Mr. Jerry Zhou

Dr. Peter E. Silas and Dr. Stephanie Silas

Mr. Timothy Southard and Mrs. Carolyn Southard

Mr. Bernardo Sucre and Ms. Andreina Pardo

Mr. Vikram Talwar and Mrs. Priya Gandhi

Mrs. Mala Taylor and Mr. Philip Taylor

Mrs. Susan M. Thomas and Mr. Brian C. Thomas

Mr. John E. Thompson and Mrs. Candace S. Thompson

Mr. Brian Turmail and Mrs. Eve-Lyn Turmail

Mr. William Urban and Mrs. Anne Kenny-Urban

Mr. Christoph Vancompernolle and Ms. Tania Van Bever

Mr. Bryan Warrick and Ms. Royce Warrick

Mr. Shisong Yang and Mrs. Yan Jiao

Mr. Charles Yim and Mrs. Melissa Lee

Mr. Eugene Yu and Mrs. Valerie Yu

Mr. JieBing Yu and Mrs. Vivian Lee

Dr. Michael P. Zamora and Ms. Karen Zamora

* Current Parents Board members.