A group of more than 50 people in front of GT Ramblin' Wreck.

The Parents Board

is comprised of approximately 40 engaged current parent couples who serve as a resource to the Dean of Students in representing the views, needs and opinions of current Georgia Tech parents.

In addition to their role as ambassadors for Georgia Tech, they provide valuable leadership level financial support to the Parents Fund and other areas of interest across the Institute.

Members commit their time, talent, and treasure to address a wide variety of issues and needs not covered by tuition, fees, or state tax dollars.  

Board members in good standing are asked to serve throughout their child’s time at Georgia Tech. The Board meets twice a year on campus to learn more about current needs and issues that impact students and the Institute.

Peter and Stephanie Silas, Parents Board Co-Chairs

Pete’s father was an alum and a passionate supporter of Tech, so we were familiar with many philanthropic opportunities at Tech. We were drawn to the Parent Board due to its focus on supporting specific student opportunities.

We have very much enjoyed the biannual board meetings where, in addition to helping allot funds, we get to know many other parents and hear their experiences and advice. Since we live in Utah, being on this board has helped us feel more connected with the campus.

The meetings typically involve a full day of programming with presentations on specific campus programs and tours of new facilities. It has been great to have so much direct contact with Dean Stein, providing us a better understanding of the inner workings of Tech, particularly as they pertain to the students.