The Parents Fund for Student Life & Leadership provides the Institute with valuable resources needed to promote student health and safety, community engagement and campus connectivity. This annual fund directly supports our top priority, students.

Tech parents play an important role in the lives of our students. Without your support many funding opportunities would be missed and student led-organizations would not be able to survive. Your gift today demonstrates your dedication not only to Tech but to students campus-wide.


Giving for Good

Across campus, some Georgia Tech students lack basic necessities others take for granted.  While it may be hard to believe, food and shelter top this list.

Georgia Tech has a variety of programs to insure students have the support they need to succeed. Some examples of programs supported by Giving for Good include Campus Closet, Counseling Center, Collegiate Recovery Center, Embark, Klemis Kitchen, and the Veterans Resource Center.

Grant Program

The Parents Fund Grant Program is an important way to support student life through campus initiatives. Open to student organizations, colleges, schools and departments, this competitive grant program provides a portion of the funding for a wide variety of initiatives that enhance student life.  Bi-annually, the Parents Board allocates available resources to promote diversity, enhance artistic and cultural activities, and carry out important Tech traditions. 

Leadership Grants

There are many opportunities for Georgia Tech students to enhance their education outside the classroom. Most of these experiences are not covered by tuition and fees, but have additional costs that some students cannot afford.

Student Leadership Grants are awarded throughout the year based on a student’s needs. Examples of leadership programs include Alternative Service Breaks, attending professional development programs, conferences, and specific training related to a student’s field of study.

Discretionary Fund

The VP for Student Life Discretionary Fund provides valuable resources for the Vice President to address a variety of needs associated with student life issues on campus.

Anything from bringing in nationally recognized expert speakers, to hosting student leaders’ educational retreats, to buying a cup of coffee for a student who just needs a shoulder to lean on and a bit of guidance as they navigate their first year at Tech, this fund enhances the effectiveness of the Vice President.

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