The Parents Fund is one of the primary sources of financial support for students and student organizations all across campus. Whether it is the Parents Fund Grant, the Student Leadership Grant, the Deans Discretionary Fund, or the Student Temporary Assistance and Relief Programs, gifts made to the Parents Fund will go directly to support students.

Your meaningful gift to the Parents Fund, at whatever level works best for your family, directly supports the students of Georgia Tech. Some examples include:

  • $50: Buys fresh fruit and vegetables for students in need through Klemis Kitchen.
  • $100: Purchases graduation regalia for a senior who could not otherwise afford it.
  • $250: Subsidizes airfare for a Student Leadership Grant recipient to attend a professional conference.
  • $500: Provides student innovators with the materials to create their own natural herbicides for use during Tech Beautification Day.
  • $1,000: Sponsors an on-campus event to build community and well-being for students
  • $2,500: Subsidizes travel costs so student groups can complete service projects around the world through Alternative Service Breaks.
  • $5,000: Fully funds one (or more) of the many student-led events submitted to the Parents Fund Grant Program.
  • $10,000: Sponsors an event like the Midnight Breakfast, which provides meals to more than 1,500 students during this important Tech tradition.



Student Temporary Assistance and Relief (STAR) programs help students on campus who have suffered a financial hardship and struggle to afford food to eat or find a place to sleep.

Donations to the Parents Fund will help the STAR programs like Klemis Kitchen and the Homeless Student Initiative work to identify and support these students when they need it most, making it more likely that they can stay in school and achieve academic success.

Grant Program

Through money raised from the Parents Fund, this program serves student organizations that seek to promote Tech’s mission of “Progress & Service” through extracurricular projects.

Every year, more than 50 student groups receive funds through this program, but many are turned down — not because their proposals lack merit, but because more funding is needed to turn their worthwhile initiatives into reality.

Your gift will help us ensure that student organizations condition their efforts to bring students together outside of the classroom.

Student Leadership Grants

This program helps eligible students take advantage of activities such as conferences and leadership development seminars.  These gifts provide grants to students who are looking to do more with their time at Georgia Tech.

Without these grants, many students with demonstrated need would not be able to participate in these opportunities, limiting their educational experiences as well as their career prospects after graduation.

Dean’s Discretionary

The Parents Fund provides the Division of Student Engagement and Well-Being with the ability to be flexible and address student needs as they arise.

When you make a gift to the Parents Fund, you provide John Stein, the Brandt-Fritz Dean of Students, the flexibility to support student programming on campus.

These programs have included the Student Center Programs Council's Midnight Breakfast, Georgia Tech's Chapter of the Society of Women in Engineering' annual conference, and SMILE at Georgia Tech's mental health initiatives. 

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