Parent and Family Programs enjoys hosting our Georgia Tech Students and their siblings for Sibs Day! The day is always full of fun and excitement where students and their siblings were able to experience what makes Tech a great place to be.

Three young men take a selfie in front of an ornate brick building
Two young men, each with dark hair and wearing blue sweatshirts, are concentrating on painting the pottery in their hands
A young woman wears two pairs of flourescent sun glasses and is smiling at how silly she is
Hundreds of parents sit in theater seats
A group of students walk outside on a wide pathway
A young girl wearing a georgia tech shirt intently looks at the pottery in her hand as she paints it
The faces of a young man and a child are framed through the open windows of a car
A family stands arm in arm
three smiling young people hold up T shirts that read Sibs Day at Georgia Tech
A young woman wearing a georgia tech sweatshirt sits next to her brother who is holding a basketball they are both smiling
A young woman with long dark hair wearing a pink sweatshirt smiles as she does dance moves
Three young people take a selfie in front of a gold and white Model A sport coupe
Hundreds of students sit and eat in a  cavernous dining hall with gothic arches and stained glass windows
Two young men look intently at the pottery in their hands as they paint
two young women with their heads touching, smiling towards the camera
three young women laugh, smile, and take photos of a robotic dog walking on the pathway next to them