Parent and Family Programs enjoyed hosting of our Georgia Tech Students and their siblings for Sibs Day 2020! The day was full of fun and excitement where students and their siblings were able to experience what makes Tech a great place to be.

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Brother and sister doing crafts.
Buzz in the center with a female and a male.
Little brother, sister and big GT sister student holding Sibs day T-Shirts.
Buzz hugs little girl.
Litlle brother and big brother sitting on the floor crafting with colorful plastic straws.
Brother and sister painting a paper plate on Sibs Day
Little brother, little sister, Buzz and big brother GT student stading in front of Ramblin' Wreck.
Three Asian brothers and two sisters.
Two boys and a girl play with robots.
Mom with three daughters sitting on the floor. All smiling.
Brother and sister take a selfie with Buzz
Dark skinned big and little brother crafting with colorful plastic straws.
Male and female students with siblings staing on balconies. One is holding an aparatus intended to fly.
Mother with GT student son hugging little brother.
Two children playing with a home made telescope.
Asian family, mom, son, Buzz and dad in front of the Ramblin' Wreck.
Brothers play with a dog at the GT auditorium.