Parents and Family Programs 101: Tips to stay connected with your Yellow Jacket sibling

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This interactive and virtual list of activities was made for your family to do anytime of the year. The list is divided into 15 weeks, but you can do any of the activties in any order. For example, you could do Week 10 activity first and then jump to Week 1. You decide what activity sounds like fun for your family. These activities are meant to help both your Georgia Tech student and their siblings at home (or cousins/friends) stay connected and engaged throughout the year. After all, we are all part of the Yellow Jacket family! Go Jackets!


Week 1: Heads Up! and Zoom Party Games

Heads Up! is a fun guessing game. Now you can play Heads Up! with long-distance family members through setting up a Zoom. Then you each join the conversation and you can all see each other and play fun games together like Heads Up! Trivia, Karaoke, Quick Draw, UNO, and more.

Week 2: Bake Together

Find a recipe that your Georgia Tech student and Sibling both like and can bake together but separately. Parent supervision might be needed, but at the end you’ll both have delicious treats to enjoy.       

Week 3: Watch a Movie Together

Netflix Party has quickly picked up steam as a popular tool that allows for watching movies together online. And it’s simple enough to use: Just download it as a Chrome extension, open a video or show on Netflix, click the “NP” icon in the righthand corner, and share the link with the friends you want to invite in order to get the party started. That party, to be clear, looks like a little chat room on the side of your video window.

Week 4: Video Chat While Coloring

You can go to our website and download our Tech Tales coloring book, this way siblings can color and learn more about Georgia Tech.

Week 5: Build a Virtual Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to spend time together while doing something mentally stimulating. Many sites offer free puzzles you can complete collaboratively online. Plus, there’s no way to lose pieces! A guide to multiplayer puzzles can be found here:

Week 6: Send a Letter or Care Package

It’s always exciting to get something in the mail. Write a letter to your Georgia Tech student or sibling or put together a care package with their favorite snacks and candy!

Week 7: Family Trivia with Kahoot!

Family trivia is such a fun way to get to know family members and reminisce on family memories. With Kahoot!, family trivia becomes a great game to play with long-distance family members. One person will need to gather or think of the trivia questions. One easy way to collect answers to questions is with a free Survey Monkey survey. Set-up a free Kahoot! account and easily input the questions and answers. Do a screen share on Zoom or another video chat to play together.

Week 8: Personalized Family Jeopardy with Factile

How much do you know about your personal family history, family vacations, or family-favorite movie quotes? Easily create a completely personalized Jeopardy style board with categories and clues with a free account with Factile. Do a screen share on Zoom or share your game’s unique URL to play your personalized family jeopardy games with long-distance family members.

Week 9: Dance Party

Play some music and dance together to relieve any stress and have fun.

Week 10: Go for a Walk

Go for a walk and catch up together on a phone call.

Week 11: What’s Your Mood?

Ask your Georgia Tech student and sibling to share how they’re feeling today using emojis. You each can post your emoji in the chat on your computers or phones. Use this as a time to check in and see how you both are doing this week.

Week 12: What’s in Your Backpack?

Ask your Georgia Tech Student and sibling to take three items out of their backpack. Have them share a few sentences about each item. This is a great way to find out more about what they are learning in school and more about their current interests.

Week 13: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Find a time when you both have about 30 minutes to an hour to have a virtual scavenger hunt. Ask your Georgia Tech student and sibling to find the following items:

A yellow crayon or marker
Black socks
A family picture
A pair of shoes
A stuffed animal or blanket
A book
Hand sanitizer
A mask
Something green
Candy or fruit

Week 14: What’s Your Favorite Trip?

Ask your Georgia Tech Student and sibling to answer this question: What’s your favorite trip we went on as a family? Why was it your favorite? This is a great way to bond more with your sibling and maybe talk about what trip you would like to take in the future together!

Week 15: Create a Plan

Create a plan for something fun to do together as a Georgia Tech student and sibling the next time the Georgia Tech student is home for a break. Maybe a trip to your local Zoo? A hike? A bike ride together? Game night with pizza? What sounds good to you both?