Our next Grandparents Day is coming next Spring 2023. We're looking forward to see you all then. In the meantime enjoy a selection of photos from our 2020 edition. We had a lot of fun hosting you and your guests!

Two sets of grandparents, parents and grand-daughter holding a Buzz doll.
Mother, grandma, daughter, and grandma sitting at a baseball game.
African American family sitting at a baseball game.
Caucasian grandfather, red-haired grandson, and father smiling at the camera.
Grandmother, grandson wearing a GT sweatshirt and grandfather smiling at the camera.
Smiling African American grandparents, father, and granddaughter with a baseball field behind them.
Smiling grandson and grandmother stating beside a sculpture of Buzz.
Smiling grandpa, grandma and granddaughter sitting on a bus.
Father, grandfather, and grandson enjoying a baseball game.
Grandmother and granddaughter enjoying a meal.
Grandmother and grandson enjoying a meal.
Grandparents and grandson at the baseball stadium.
Smiling grandson and granpa with the Atlanta skyline as a brackdrop.
Grandparents and grandson, the student and grandma are wearing GT sweatshirts.
Grandfather, grandson and grandmother smiling at the camera.
Grandon and grandma enjoying a meal.