Enjoy a selection of photos from previous Grandparents & Friends Days.

We had a lot of fun hosting you and your guests, and look forward to greeting you again!

Four people stand with their backs to the camera, their shirts say GT Grandpa, Grandma, and Papa
African American family sitting at a baseball game.
three generations of men sit in seats at a baseball stadium, all wearing Georgia Tech hats or shirts
A young man wearing a Georgia Tech sweatshirt is surrounded by parents and grandparents, some standing, some sitting
Grandmother, grandson wearing a GT sweatshirt and grandfather smiling at the camera.
Smiling African American grandparents, father, and granddaughter with a baseball field behind them.
Smiling grandson and grandmother stating beside a sculpture of Buzz.
Smiling grandpa, grandma and granddaughter sitting on a bus.
Father, grandfather, and grandson enjoying a baseball game.
Grandpa is wearing a Georgia Tech baseball cap, sitting with grandma, and Buzz the yellow jacket stands behind them
A woman with short grey hair stands next to a young man wearing a Georgia Tech sweatshirt, next to whom is a woman with dark hair.
In a baseball stadium a man and woman sit next to their college-age grandson
Smiling grandson and grandpa with the Atlanta skyline in the background
Two young men, smiling, stand on either side of an older woman wearing a visor
Grandfather, grandson and grandmother smiling at the camera.
Grandon and grandma enjoying a meal.
An LED sign on a baseball field reads "TECH WINS"