Parent and Family Programs at Georgia Institute of Technology invites local and out of state businesses to advertise to Georgia Tech parents and families. Sponsorship enables your company to gain valuable exposure, establish loyal consumers and ultimately build a relationship with our community. Parents of Georgia Tech students are a strong consumer audience.

Families contact our office for a variety of needs and questions throughout the year. Some questions we typically receive are:

  • What should I send my student for their birthday?
  • Where can they store their items over the summer?
  • What restaurants and hotels do you recommend when we come to visit?
  • Is there a local floral shop or bakery that delivers?

Our mission is to equip Georgia Tech parents and families with the information and resources they need to support their students as well as to provide them with opportunities to stay connected and involved in their student's educational experience.

Listed below are several ways to show your support for the Yellow Jackets while introducing your products and services to our 45,000 parents and family members of our 18,000 undergraduate students. Some sponsorship opportunities offer exposure throughout the year while others are more short-term, event-specific sponsorship opportunities.

Long Term Sponsorship

We have three sponsorship options:

  • Platinum Partner: With a contribution of $10,000

  • Very Important Parent (VIP) Discount Program

  • 2023—2024 Parent and Family Calendar

Short Term Sponsorship

We offer you the opportunity to sponsor our yearly events:

  • Family Weekend - Fall 2023
  • Sibs Day 2024

For questions, contact

Note: Sponsorship does not indicate endorsement by Georgia Institute of Technology.