Sibs Day

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6th Annual Sibs Day - February 29, 2020

Bring the kids to campus and let your student do the entertaining for a change!


Parent & Family Programs will proudly host Sibs Day for a sixth year on Saturday, February 29, 2020. This event, for Georgia Tech students, has become a favorite of many families each year! GT students are invited to host brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, family friends -- you name it (ages 7-18) and give them taste of campus life – Yellow Jacket-style! Please note that this every SELLS OUT EVERY YEAR, so please register early!

Throughout the day, participants will enjoy:

  • Welcome and Campus Tours focused on Georgia Tech traditions
  • Educational Sessions
  • Lunch
  • Fun Activities (including bowling and games)
  • Community Service
  • Dinner
  • Experience GT Athletics and catch our school spirit

What are past participants and parents saying about Sibs Day at Georgia Tech?

“They had so much fun and are very eager to do it again. Normally, they don’t get one on one time with their GT student sibling without mom around, so it was a nice change.” – GT Mom

“GT is all he can talk about. He loved hanging out with "real" students and being on a college campus. He really wants to be a Yellow Jacket!” – GT Mom

“I love sibs day because it is the perfect opportunity for me to introduce my family to my Georgia Tech family.” - GT Student

“My entire family comes to Sibs Day every year. My little sister loves it and we always have a great day!” – GT Student

“I love sibs day because it allows me to experience some of the research my brother does for the school and it gives me a chance to catch up with him.” – GT Brother

“It gives us an exciting opportunity to spend time with our siblings and encounter Georgia tech on a real level.”  - GT Brother

“It gives us a chance to spend time together as a family opportunity to stay connected!” – GT Mom and Dad


Sibs Day Registration is now closed. Please call 404-385-1396 or email with questions.


Want to know more?  Watch this video and check out our photos! 

sibs day images

Sibs Day

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Photos and a video from Sibs Day at Georgia Tech!


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All of your frequently asked questions answered!