Parents Fund for Student Life and Leadership

Each, year parents of Georgia Tech students generously contribute their philanthropic support to further enhance the lives of every student on campus.  From helping provide food and clothing to students in need to assisting students with their professional development activities, your gift today will make a difference. Visit our annual event report page to learn more about some of the ways the Parent Fund helps students all over campus.

Giving for Good

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Grant Program

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Leadership Grants

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Discretionary Fund

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The Parents Fund for Student Life & Leadership provides the Institute with valuable resources needed to promote student health and safety, community engagement and campus connectivity. This annual fund directly supports our top priority, students.

Tech parents play an important role in the lives of our students.  Without your support many funding opportunities would be missed and student led-organizations would not be able to survive.  Your gift today demonstrates your dedication not only to Tech but to students campus-wide.