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Purpose of GT H.U.B.

The purpose of the  newly created GT HUB is to provide support to students who have experienced foster care, are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. The program will assist students who do not have a "family" support system at Georgia Tech. Financial support, programs, and resources are intended to provide an inclusive and communal environment leading to increased retention and student success.    

Resources & Support:  

Residence Hall Kits

Each student can receive with a move-in kit including: Sheets, pillow, comforter, towels, hand towels, wash cloths, shower caddy, laundry detergent, desk lamp, cork board, white boards, toilet tissue, paper towels, blanket, body loofah, trash can, alarm clock, and hangers.   

Dues for Clubs/Intramural sports/Greek organizations/LLCs

Best practice shows that student involvement in campus organizations is critical to retention and student satisfaction.  GT HUB students will be encouraged to join clubs, Greek Life, LLCs, and intramural sports teams. Students will apply for funds from the GT H.U.B. Scholarship to cover the cost of associated dues. 

Summer housing fees/Bridge loans for internship/co-op students     

Students who need funding for short-term housing while pursuing an internship or co-op can apply for support through the GT H.U.B. Scholarship.

Alternative Service Break Trip   

Each student will have the opportunity to participate in an Alternative Service Break Trip through the  Office of Student Engagement. Students must apply to join an ASB trip and if selected could then access GT H.U.B. Scholarship fund to pay their trip fees. 

Host Holidays 

Students will receive information on how to sign up to spend Thanksgiving with local families through the Student Government Association's "Home for the Holidays" program or informally through the GT H.U.B. volunteer families. 

Mentorship Program

Mentors are GT faculty and staff who are trained to provide one-on-one mentoring to GT H.U.B. students. Mentors will help their students navigate the Institute, discuss challenges, identify strengths, build their network and provide overall support. 

For more information about GT H.U.B. contact Tyler Barker, Parent & Family Programs Coordinator via email at or call 404-385-1396.


GT H.U.B. Working Group: 

Tyler Barker (Coordinator, Parent & Family Programs) 

Steve Fazenbaker (Director, STAR Program) 

Camilla Brewer (Coordinator, LGBTQIA Center)  

Kitty Correll (Parent Board Member) 

Caroline Dyess (Coordinator, Grand Challenges) 

Kayli Harlan (Advisor, Office of International Education) 

Denise Thomas (Asst. Director, Retention Initiatives)  

Megan Faulkner (Coordinator, New Student & Transition Programs) 

Meredith Levine (Hall Director, Housing) 

Gina Summers (Asst. Director, Financial Aid)