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Greek Life Experience with Andreea Lucaciu

           One of the most rewarding decisions I took my freshman year in college was join Greek life. Despite of the many positive attributes Greek life has to offer, I understand why some parents might have concerns towards having their students join the Greek community. There are many unfortunate incidents that contribute to the national decline of the Greek life on college campuses. However, Greek life at Georgia Tech is special and different to most of the colleges in the United States.

A couple slices of campus with Rachel Hudson

Favorite spots on campus:

Study Abroad Experience with Cristina Rosello

Last September, I embarked on the journey of a lifetime and wanted to share some of my feelings before and while in Europe. I kept up a personal blog while I was there and I’ve selected some highlights to share with you!

Day 1

Graduating Lens with Kaitlyn Morse

I’m going to graduate!! Ask any Tech student, this is a moment they’ve all dreamed about since taking those fall first-year classes. Even after four years here, I’m still amazed this day has come.

the galini familiy

Greetings from the Parent Board

Greetings from the Parents Board and welcome to a new academic year at Georgia Tech!

Caldwell family

Family View: FASET 2017

Learn more about the Caldwells experience at their 2017 FASET Orientation session as they give some insight to parents and families.